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  • Join me in Hawaii for a Transformational Flow Retreat! April 26, 2015!

    I am THRILLED beyond words to team up with amazing facilitators to offer the FIRST transformational flow arts program of its kind! Imagine yoga, dance, flow arts, and cutting edge transformational learning in the heart of Pele’s womb, where her beauty transforms and her pulse ignites within the most active volcano on earth. More

  • Why Dance with Fire?

    Learn how this ancient art and practice can be one of the most empowering tools for healing and transformation. Learn how dancing with poi is one of the healthiest practices you could engage for your brain, your body, and your emotions. More

  • Why Hire a Coach?

    Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, and part friend, coaches work with managers entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals - career, personal, or most often, both."
    - Newsweek Magazine More

Soul Flow Arts


With all my formal training and education, what has become one of the most powerful tools for my personal healing and transformation is something I would have never expected – the Flow Arts, specifically the art and practice of poi and fire dancing, dancing being the key word.

Experiencing the neuro-therapeutic effects first hand had me dive back into the neuroscience literature to find out what is happening in the brain and the nervous system to promote the healing I was experiencing, and, is it possible for others?

In my search to answer these questions, I have and am still discovering several fascinating and compelling findings to support  whole new, revolutionary approaches to bringing mental, physical and emotional health into our own hands. These findings range from how juggling promotes whole brain functioning by integrating left/right brain functioning and literally increasing the number of neural pathways in the brain to findings that show significant reduction of anxiety and depression in patients undergoing treatment for such diagnoses. Furthermore, there is increasing awareness, largely through the work of positive psychologists such as  Mihaly Csikszentmihlyi, that people who engage in activities that cultivate a state of flow are, in general, happier and healthier human beings.

To learn more about the overall health benefits and how this ancient art can be transformative, you can come to a workshop, sign up for a private poi or coaching session or wait for the book! Yes, I believe this information is vital for these times and I have started writing up all that I’m finding and look forward to sharing it with you through whatever medium it can best be shared. If you would like me to keep you posted about the book and workshops, simply sign up for my newsletter!

So how did it all start?

My first experience with poi was when I was six years old living in Hawaii. Little did I realize the imprint that not only the poi, but the polynesian culture had made on me in those few years. I re-discovered the art at a Burning Man Festival nearly 20 years later and the moment I saw it, my soul began to remember. I immediately knew I had to learn and as I began practicing on my own, it was like coming home and  it didn’t take long before I not only fell in love, but it became my sanctuary. This unique form of movement meditation and dance became my vehicle not only for healing and centering, but also for re-discovering the wisdom that lives within the body. Through this art, I have been able to awaken the fire within my soul and reclaim a universal sense of joy through playful and creative expression. This art and practice (and Flow Arts in general) has been the most transformative vessel I have discovered that ties together aspects of the human condition that often remain separate and seemingly disconnected for many. In this practice, infinite aspects of one’s being and of humanity can come alive and harmonize…  mind with body, head with heart, and science with spirituality. Furthermore, when one dances with Fire, there is a sacred connection to one of the most powerful elements in Nature. In meeting the fire, one has the opportunity to take all their fears, and dreams, come face to face with them in the flames and then embrace them in the dance.

Flow Arts… Beauty that Transforms is my way of sharing this art and practice with the world in the context of healing, transformation and grace. Currently I offer Beauty that Transforms – The Workshop and The Journey (for groups and for individuals). If you are interested in hosting this special event & workshop at your center, conference, or in your home town, please contact me.

I am also developing a program specific for coaches, therapists, mental and emotional health professionals, dance instructors, and flow instructors to learn and bring the Flow Arts to clients, students and patients so more people in the world can reap the benefits of the Flow Arts in the context of healing and transformation. If you would like to learn more, please contact me directly.


On The Art and Practice of Ontological Coaching…



I haven’t blogged much about my training in this program and I don’t know why… because it’s simply amazing! Today it hit me how powerful this approach can be when delivered effectively.

Up until a few months ago, most of my coaching sessions involved a lot of talking. They were great sessions, progress happened – and talking is important – but what I realize now is that our bodies speak louder than our words. The thoughts that we have access to depend on our moods & emotions. And the moods & emotions we have access to depend on our bodies – Period. We can talk about the possibility of change all day long or we can experience the power of creating change in a moment, simply by using our bodies.

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